Whether you have a time-consuming career and/or a home with a family to attend to, Link2Wash provides a way to consistently and professionally keep a vehicle looking good by taking one more thing off your plate.


No Risk - Insured and Bonded

When you are a customer or partner with LINK2WASH, you can rest assured as we carry $10 million in insurance coverage and are fully bonded. For building partners: We do not require any upfront investment, fees, deposits or contract to get started with on-site service. We take all the risk, and you reap all the rewards.

Convenient and Hassle-Free

We communicate with customers via online link, email or text. Nobody is bothered with any questions or details about scheduling, key exchange or payment.

Professional Technicians

Our clean, uniformed employees are on time and provide excellent customer service. They are trained in not only how to wash and detail cars, but also how to treat customers. They are well-versed in the occasional special requests of customers who deserve excellence, timeliness, respect and courtesy.

A Reputable Company

There are likely hundreds of mobile car wash providers in your area ready to come in and start washing your cars. They might be there the next time-and they might not! Few of them have the experience and reputation to provide a consistent, professional on-site presence. LINK2WASH has a reputation for being dependable and easy to work with for owners and in turn, we provide excellent service for all our customers.

Environmentally Responsible

We offer a reduced water-saving technology option that allows us to use a fraction of traditional car washes. We also use environmentally friendly, biodegradable products, and all of LINK2WASH’s chemicals are tested to ensure they are both Eco-friendly and clean up to our level of expectations.

Turn-Key Service Provider

We handle all of the administrative, operating, legal and scheduling details including communication with those using our services through our simple technology. We also bring our own signage on the days we are scheduled, and we offer print and online fliers for your in-house communication to let them know of the services you are offering.


Our basic service includes hand wash and dry, vacuum, wipe down, tires/wheel dressing, door jams and windows starting at just $39.99 as onsite service, $49.99 as Mobile service . From there, customers can add more services including, shampooing, leather conditioning, waxing and more detail services.

Monitored Transactions

Because the scheduling, payment and tipping are run through our technology, we don’t require or even allow any off-record transactions. This keeps your safety and the customers safety at the highest level and ensures all fees and tips are accounted for at the end of each day.


Predictable, Consistent Schedule

For buildings partners; Depending on demand in your building, we will schedule your car wash days either:

  • Monthly (first Friday of the month, for example)
  • Weekly (every Monday, for example)
  • Bi-weekly (every Tuesday and Thursday, for example)
  • Daily (every weekday)

Nation-wide Network

LINK2WASH has partnered with a number of parking garages across the country. Based in Houston, TX, the headquarters started with garage networks such as Madison Marquette, Lincoln Properties, Granite & Transwestern. Since then we have grown across the country to provide car wash services to many employers, corporations, high-end luxury apartment and office buildings.

Compact Equipment

For building partners We don’t have large trucks or equipment that will come into your garage and take up a lot of space. We provide all of our own supplies in a small, easy to maneuver container that is easily stored on site, or we can bring it with on car wash days. Our compact, portable supply carts are efficient and lightweight and move with us. Many of our clients provide on-site storage for our equipment to make it faster and easier for us to get in and out, completing our car washes in a more efficient and faster manner.

Do you want to wash your car?


But don’t take our word for it, take everyone else’s.

Stuart Williams

“We recently added Link2wash to our amenities here at Four Oaks Place. Our employees enjoy the convenience of a car wash on site and appreciate the online scheduling link. We are very pleased with our partnership with Link2Wash and the great service they provide.”


Cassie Dieudonne

“I have had Link2Wash detail several of my cars and they always do a fantastic job. The detailers are professional and are very detail oriented. The scheduling on the app makes the whole process super easy. I would highly recommend them!.”

Clare Valdez

“I always wanted to get my car detailed but I couldn’t find anywhere affordable or that would fit into my schedule. Then I found Link2wash! They are super affordable, come to you, and ALWAYS do an amazing job! No matter how much pet hair, crumbs, or how dirty my car is, they make it look and smell brand new! Highly recommend!!.”


Our Simple Process Means it's Hassle-Free for you




WEBSITE or NFC (QR code)

Clients go to our website or just walk-in and register their automobile so that we have a record to match for security. It takes less than a minute!

Schedule While at Work Or Home.

They choose a date/time when we are scheduled to be in your location or home, click pay. Then receive an email confirmation.

Car Wash Day

We wash all the cars scheduled each day using signage to direct them to the car wash location point. Clients leave keys with the technical. Then, once the wash is completed, they are notified via text message and email that their car is clean and ready to go - typically within one hour of the scheduled time.

Tipping and Receipt

We provide a payment receipt via email that is always accessible. Once the car is retrieved, we also offer the opportunity to provide a tip via our platform. If not completely satisfied with our work, we will make it right with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy your day!


MOBILE SERVICES offers two levels of Carwash & detail: Which have the satisfy almost any need. With either package customers can “add on” additional detail options. We can also provide a more extensive, heavy-duty full detail upon request.


$59.99 SEDAN

$69.99 TRUCK

  • Hand wash
  • Hand dry
  • Tire & wheel dressing
  • Windows in & out
  • Door jams
  • Light wipe down interior
  • Vacuum interior
  • Fragance

platinum DETAIL

$179.99 SEDAN

$219.99 TRUCK

  • Hand wash
  • Hand dry
  • Tire & wheel dressing
  • Windows in & out
  • Door jams
  • Bug removal
  • Orbital Buff Wax
  • Vacuum
  • Pet hair removal
  • Trunk
  • Rain-X
  • Deep Interior clean
  • Clean leather seats
  • Shampoo carpet & mats
  • Leather conditioner
  • Fragance

OPTIONAL ADD ON: With either package customers can “add on” additional detail options. We can also provide a more extensive, heavy-duty full detail upon request.

Service Price
BUNDLE: Showroom wax, Leather condition & Fragrance $19.99
DEEP INTERIOR CLEAN: Console, cup holder, dash & door panel w/APC $19.99
Leather conditioner $9.99
Fragrance $4.99
Trunk well $5.99
Showroom wax $8.99
Pet hair removal $14.99
Bug removal $14.99
Shampoo carpet W/floor mats $79.99
Shampoo carpet $49.99
Shampoo mats $39.99
Shampoo 3 row fabric seats $99.99
Shampoo 2 row fabric seats $79.99
Clean Leather seats $44.99
Clay bar + orbital wax $119.99
Orbital Buff wax $49.99
Interior wheel detail $19.99
Rain-X $14.99
Vents sanitizer $24.99
Headlight Restoration (Call for estimate)
Rim Repair (Call for estimate)
Windshield Replacement Call for estimate)
Dents and scratch removal (Call for estimate)

Onsite car wash & detail service

Onsite is a full service, on-site parking garage auto detail and wash amenity designed exclusively for parking garages. We partner with building owners, facility managers and employers to offer a consistent, permanent full-service car wash located inside your parking facility.

Mobile car wash & detail service

Mobile is a full service offered in the comfort and convenience of your home, with the quality and security of a technician that can finish the service with no contact.


An innovative company re-defining the executive car wash experience.

LINK2WASH is owned and managed by Lavaggio Auto, LLC with headquarters based in Houston, Texas.
The company was founded with the goal of providing an innovative way to access car wash services at the corporate level. By providing easy-to-use, on-demand scheduling and payments, LINK2WASH has been able to re-define the experience for not only end users, but for employers and property managers who have always wanted to provide this amenity but didn’t want the hassle of managing keys, payments and scheduling.
Every LINK2WASH service is conveniently performed Mobile or On-site in corporate buildings’ covered parking garages or at residences run by our professionally trained, insured and bonded technicians who use only the finest, environmentally friendly techniques.


Today's workforce is demanding an easier way to pay for and recieve services. They want services to come to their doorstep. People want the freedom and flexibility to choose a day and time when services are provided. We give clients all of that, plus a guarantee of professionalism and a pristinely clean automobile every single time.